Past Events

Pie Throwing Contest to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association

Our victims of the Pie Throwing Event (those who earned the most donations) were management; Heather (Executive Director), April (Director of Mission Integration/Chaplan), and Todd (Maintenance Manager). What a deal! They were real sports allowing the pie to be thrown at their faces. In addition, Pat (at left...a resident's family member) participated by throwing one and also receiving one too. In the middle is Danielle from the Alzheimer's Association who attended to support us in our event to help raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association. A lot of fun and in support the Association.


Fair- King Christian and Queen Rose

Our king and queen (from Bishop Drumm Care Center) were crowned at our annual fair held on August 8th.  Christian (101 yrs. old) and Rose (103 yrs. old). They are our longest living residents! Congratulations to Christian and Rose!

The following are other photos taken on the fun day at the Bishop Drumm Fair!