Resident Assistant - Full Time

St. Leonard
8100 Clyo Road
Centerville, OH 45458

Job Type: Full Time


The Resident Assistant encourages, promotes and maintains resident independence on a daily basis. The Resident Assistant provides hands on/direct care related to activities of daily living.  They provide nutritional services and maintain resident living areas in accordance with the cleaning policies and procedures associated with this facility.

Department:    Assisted Living
Reports to:      Director of Resident Services

Essential Job Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Promotes and maintains independence of residents.
    1. Conducts activities tailored to meet the residents individual needs and interests.
    2. Assists with resident structured leisure programs encouraging resident participation.
  1. Provides/assists residents with hygiene needs.
    1. Provides/assists residents with bathing, shower and dressing needs.
    2. Provides/assists residents with hair care, nail care, oral hygiene (denture and mouth care) and shaving needs.
  1. Assists residents in meeting their hydration and nutritional needs.
    1. Prompts and/or assists residents to the dining room for meals as appropriate.
    2. Serves meal trays to residents in their room promptly and efficiently.
    3. Assists wheelchair dependent residents to and from the dining room.
    4. Responsible to see that nourishment/fluids are passed at the appropriate times.
    5. Reports to charge nurse if resident eats less than 75% of their meal.
    6. Understands the importance of daily fluid needs.
  1. Assists with maintaining physical and mental functioning of residents.
    1. Assists with ambulation and/or transportation needs of residents.
    2. Encourages participation in activities of the facility.
    3. Repots changes in physical or mental functioning to charge nurse.
    4. Assists with application of assistive devices/orthopedic appliances as instructed.
    5. Provides ROM exercises as directed.
    6. Follows through on necessary documentation requirements, i.e. bath sheets and restorative programs.
    7. Reports verbal/non-verbal complaints of pain/”hurt” to charge nurse immediately.
  1. Promotes/assists hands on care related to incontinence.
    1. Give sensitive assistance to the resident when there is an incontinent episode.
    2. Assists in ambulation to the bathroom or to the commode as necessary.
    3. Provides bedpans or urinals in a timely manner.
    4. Answers call lights promptly (within 3-5 minutes).
    5. Assists residents in learning self-care of incontinence episodes, i.e. application of incontinence products and explaining proper perineal care to prevent skin breakdown.
    6. Reports to charge nurse persistent incontinence and/or inability of resident to provide self-care.
  1. Provides/assists in maintaining skin integrity.
    1. Check residents using incontinence products and changes them regularly.
    2. Provides/assists residents with regular perineal care and with skin care as directed by nurse.
    3. Reports reddened skin or breakdown of skin to nurse promptly, i.e. bony prominence, heels.
    4. Has knowledge of, and properly uses, air mattress, whirlpool, etc.
  1. Performs designated nursing duties, as assigned.
    1. Weighs residents, demonstrating proper use of standard scale and chair scale. Reports significant weight changes.
    2. Takes vital signs when delegated by nurse.
  1. Assists in providing a clean and safe environment.
    1. Changes bed linens as appropriate and discards of soiled linens according to facility policy.  Bags personal laundry and keeps it separate from facility laundry.
    2. Makes unoccupied beds.
    3. Straightens rooms and disposes of excess refuse in rooms appropriately.
    4. Reports loss/theft/damage as soon as discovered.
    5. Cleans in-room refrigerator and reports non-functioning equipment.


In addition to the essential job specific duties listed above, the Resident Assistant shall be required to perform all duties (essential and non-essential) in a manner consistent with the mission statement and core values (reverence, service and stewardship) of St. Leonard and will be evaluated on such basis.  Furthermore, every employee must abide by all campus, departmental and safety policies, rules and regulations.

St. Leonard has the right to change the job specific duties and specifications required for the position of Resident Assistant from time to time without prior notice.

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